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Leopard dress, platform nude peep-toe bootie, big blonde hair.

Little Big Town's photo: Lil' sneak peek of us backing up Martina on the 'Girls' Night Out' special. Any guesses on what we'll be performing tonight? (No cheating by asking the internet! :)

Full lace jumpsuit, big blonde hair. Woe is me, She is perfect. 

imaginary friends

Did you have an imaginary friend as a chid? 

I did. Her name was Molly and she had curly blonde hair (hmmm, sounds like someone I know.) 

Now, I feel like the girl crush is our adult beverage of imaginary friends: Jenna Lyons, Kate Spade (and her entire PR team), Kate Middleton and on and on. 

Add to that list Amy Smilovic, Tibi’s founder & lead designer and Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller. 

Amy, a Sea Island, Georgia native & UGA grad (glory, glory), designs the most heart-stopping pieces for Tibi. Obsessed with just about anything the woman does.

And The Man Repeller will go down in fashion social media history books (crossing my fingers that these exist one day) as the self-made mogul. This 21 year-old undergrad is off her rocker in the best kind of way.

And when the two combine

magic happens.

In an alternate perfect universe, we’d all be eating macaroons and drinking champagne together while getting pedicures (OPI The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush, please?

In this universe, they remain my imaginary friends/girl crushes. Charming, feisty and fierce laced with wit and creativity. adore. 


Amy has a weekly “I’m Obsessing Over” roundup on the Tibi blog. Before a roadtrip down to The Classic City, she obsessed over our town in the perfect manner:

Of course REM, a Bloody Mary, the Varsity, Heery’s and that subtle red & black outfit. I die. Go Dawgs.

back in the saddle.

Whoo! Friends, this past week was a rollercoaster ride, but never fear I am back.

All the L&S treasures and swooning that (I so very much hope) you’ve come to know and love are alive and kicking. Hooray! 

For starters, isn’t this ring sent from above?

Maybe paired with these Friendship Bracelet shoes from Urban?

And these lace shorts from Anthropologie (I am pining after these.):

Ark & Co. makes a similar short for nearly half the price. Don’t laugh, but KnowStyle carries them and they.are.precious.  (I’m well aware that KnowStyle also carries tops that belong on high school spring break in Panama City, so proceed with caution when shopping.)

In other news, how fun are these framed feathers?

Inexpensive and quite lovely. 

Scattered along a wall like so?


Ah, that felt so good.

p.s.- I’m about to burst with fun news! Coming so soon…

aztecan glam

Sparkly Aztecan mini dresses from Allsaints Spitalfield - normally I’m against mixing trends, but these are two that are so lovely together. Adore!

I was born to love you.

Swoon! I don’t believe I’ve ever been more in love with an accessory in my whole entire 23 years. Found here. Do you love too?

(title: Born to Love you by Nathan Angelo)

Wander on Over.

Hop over to Madison’s blog today for my Met Gala gush session. She so kindly asked me to guest blog my favorite looks from last Monday’s soiree and I may have slightly swarmed her blog. At least it’s with absolute beauty correct?

My favorite of the evening:

Take my breath away, away, away. 

And Hailee Steinfield, this 15 year old babe, has got some kinda serious style. Eager to watch her blossom and bloom as she’s already doing in this Stella McCartney number.

And that middle part? Are you real? 15? When I was 15, I wore a glow-in-the-dark Berenstein Bears shirt that I just knew was so cool and hipster. It wasn’t.

Thanks sweet Madison (a current Mocha Club intern!) for letting me having a ball on your blog!

(I realize this is quite a delayed post. I’m not sure where my brain has been the last few days job hunting but never fear, I’m back!)


Here Comes the Princess

You better believe I’m awake & barely slept a minute last night. 

Would you agree that this is better than Christmas??

the dress that launches a thousand dreams

The sleeves. The collar. The bodice. The skirt. That train.

According to a recent NY Times article, Diana single-handedly introduced the billowing wedding gown to society. This dress launched an entirely new era of wedding gown design that still trickles into our nuptial regalia today.

And as we count down the minutes until the gorgeous new royal couple says I do, designers are standing by to replicate Kate’s gown. As effortlessly chic as the new princess is, her gown is certain to be divine, sleek, gorgeous, modern yet traditional with a touch of glam and a heavy hand on feminine.

Rumors even say she designed the dress herself. 

I find it incredibly exciting that we are mere days away from essentially a mini-fashion revolution. How fun to watch the tide turn right before our eyes. 

See you at 4am!

chipper chicken.

Macy recently professed her love for Charlotte Russe’s jewelry. I gawked and never believed there was a way that my favorite store from 7th grade (proud owner of pleather glitter pants thankyouverymuch) could be so chic. WRONG. 

Apparently someone new is in the fold over there at their HQs in San Fran because they’ve got some gorg. pieces. Hence the following round-up of dirt cheap sassy shoes:

Give me a pair of denim shorts, an oversized boys button-down and these shoes ; hello summer wardrobe.

For $7, you just can’t say no to these leopard babes.

Paired with dark skinny jeans, a neon top and a utility jacket? Oh summer dinners out, I can already see you now. $35.50 Wedge Clog

Sparkle and shine. The perfect shoe for a maxi dress.

MEOW. In that cheeseball Rascal Flatts song Summer Nights, I’m pretty sure when ‘everybody’s feeling sex-ay’ they are all dancing in hot summer evening heat in a breezy, sassy dress and these shoes. (Ok, so maybe it’s not so cheesy afterall. But have you ever seen them live? They wear Britney headset mics)

(Title from Father of the Bride.

love songs

Hey little lady with a black dress on

You love to dance I can see it in your eyes.

Leopard print oxford by Tibi 


All my life I’ve prayed for someone like you

And I thank God that I finally found you.

Long-awaited Hot Pink Gala Short from J.Crew 


You give me fever like I’ve never ever known

You’re just a product of loveliness.

Scout Bag by Kate Spade


Baby, I confess I was not expecting this

I have been waiting for someone like you.

Hot Pink Blazer by Zara


Twist and shout my way out and wrap yourself around me
'Cause I ain't the way that you found me, I'll never be the same

You make my dreams come true

Fringed Short by Topshop 

A Love Song Playlist